Past Conferences

Annual Green Careers Conference

Roberts Environmental Center holds an annual Green Careers Conference for a day of discussion, networking, and presentations on the opportunities for 5C students to join the growing field of sustainable and environmental careers. A keynote and panel presentations by green industry leaders will highlight the opportunities and challenges facing green jobs today within environmental law, consulting, nonprofits and corporate enterprise. Accompanying the panel will be a career fair to provide an opportunity for students to discuss specific career opportunities and facilitate a lasting connection between the Claremont community and innovative environmental firms.

Past year’s schedules can be found here:

Partnerships Conference 2018

The Roberts Environmental Center brought together leaders from corporations, environmental NGOs, and government to examine the rationales and opportunities for NGO-Corporate partnerships. The conference explored the considerations necessary in seeking mutually beneficial partnerships between NGOs and corporations. Panels included: case studies developed by the Roberts Environmental Center, a matrix of the potential services that NGOs can provide to corporations, and vice versa, and a model memorandum for guidance or partnership arrangements.

To supplement the insights based on these materials, the agenda included assessments of specific experiences represented by conference participants and breakout sessions to explore needs and potential partnerships for organizations represented at the conference. These interactions hold the potential to foster the exploration of concrete partnership possibilities and to develop online sites for guidance and exploring potential partnerships.

The schedule of the 2018 Partnerships Conference can be found here:

Keynote Speaker 2018: Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Los Angeles, Lauren Faber O’Connor

Task Force Conference 2016

Roberts Environmental Center held a Task Force Conference to discuss and present the publication of Gold and Green Together: The search for business and environment partnerships. The publication centers on the interaction building NGO-Corporate partnerships specifically pertaining to environmental sectors. Panelists that contributed to the publication presented their research on effective methods of fostering successful partnerships and demonstrated the need for such interaction to achieve environmental impact.

The schedule of the 2016 Task Force Conference can be found here: