2019- 2020 Academic Year Student Projects

The Conservation Team

Team is a new team at the REC in 2019. The team was founded with the goal of providing fieldwork opportunities to the REC and addressing a mixture of scientific research and policy objectives to promote collaboration between disciplines at the REC.

Mt. Baldy Stream Project

This semester, the team has been working on analyzing water quality on Mount Baldy and compiling a guide for citizen stream teams,  testing soil across the Claremont Colleges for carbon storage to further the body of environmental landscaping research.

Pacific Crest Trail Association

The team will be assisting the Pacific Crest Trail Association and the Forest Service by performing a gap analysis of current policy on the Pacific Crest Trail. Next semester, the team plans to continue taking samples on Mount Baldy and across the campuses and will begin providing recommendations and drafting policy for the PCTA and Forest Service.