CMC Bike Shop

The CMC Bike Shop is a student run initiative that helps CMC students, staff, and faculty become more mobile! All members of the CMC community are invited to rent bikes for free for a small rental period. Student staff are able to help patrons put together new bikes and fix bikes or longboards free of charge!

If you have a friend visiting for the weekend, your tires are flat, or you need to get those brakes checked before riding down to the Village, come check us out!!

More Information

  • We are located in the basement of Wohlford Hall, on the west side.
  • The Bike shop typically opens sometime during the second week of class each semester. It is not open during College breaks.
  • We rent bikes, locks, and helmets to CMC students, faculty, and staff for two days at a time at no charge.
  • Each 5C institution has its own bike shop!
    • Non-CMC students may have their bikes repaired and pay for parts.
    • Non-CMC patrons may not rent out bikes.
  • The Bike Shop Techs will fix your bike for free. The Shop only charges money for parts or if the fix goes beyond the Tech’s training.
  • You must pay for parts before your bike is released to you. Cash, check, or student account charge are the only accepted methods of payment.
  • We will assemble new bikes for you free of charge.
  • The Bike Shop may hold a bike auction for bikes abandoned over the summer. An email will be sent out to the CMC Community with more details if it is to take place.
  • To contact the Bike Shop, send an email to

FREE Services

  • Bicycle Tire Inflation
  • Patching of Punctured Tube
  • 2-day Bike Rental
  • Longboard/Skateboard Bearings Cleaning
  • Chain/Part Lubrication
  • Personal Bike Repair and Maintenance Labor, Part Fees May Apply (See Below)

Repair/Replacement Fees

Tube $5
Brake/Shifter Wire $5
Brake/Shifter Housing: $5
Brake Pads: $10 – $20
Rim Liner: $5


Tube $5
Brake/Shifter Wire $5
Brake/Shifter Housing: $5
Brake Pads: $10 – $20
Rim Liner: $5


Late Bike Rental: $5 per day
Late Lock Rental: $3 per day

Rental Locks and Bikes not returned after 7 days are considered lost.

Lost Key: $10
Lost Lock: $35 + Tax
Lost Rental Bike: $600 + Tax
Lost Helmet: $45 + Tax

Bike Storage

Please fill out the bike storage form first and then email for keycard access.